new! Oaab’s launches 3-step skin care

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Oab’s launches the latest product. Focus on line products, skin care and skin care within 3 steps. Available in stores. Watsons, branches that offer Oab’s and Watsons online only at one place. Packed with natural ingredients Provides healthy, radiant skin to all skin types. This new skin care has been tested by doctors to not cause allergic reactions. And it hasn’t been tested on any animals – it’s both super healthy and naturally-friendly! To see that the skin care products, the newest 3 will help your skin to look beautiful Healthy Steps 3 through every day is what the

1. Oab’s Melting Sugar Scrub

The first step is to use the melting sugar scrub, natural sugar scrub with sweet almond oil, black bee honey extract. And rosehip oil That will help eliminate dirt and dull old skin cells. To look smooth and moist to the touch. Can be used every day, morning – evening ยูฟ่าเบท

2. Oab’s Oil Infused Water

The second step. Facial serum to shine light formula Oil Infused Water, a mixture of water and vegetable oils. And extracts from rainbow seaweed, and Kakadu Plum to add water to the skin. Provides moisture, does not make the skin dull. And by this special lightweight formula, it will not cause oily and clogged skin Therefore suitable for all skin types Helps restore radiance to the skin’s natural beauty.

3. Oab’s Melt on Skin Serum.

Finish with a facial moisturizer in the form of a lightweight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, not sticky. With Phospholipid Light Touch technology. It is also rich in concentrate extracts from rainbow seaweed, Tahitian Black Pearl Extract, Niacinamide and Trehalose to help deeply nourish the skin layers. And retain moisture for the skin for a long time Look young Give your skin a beautiful complete 3 steps, really complete,

because the skin needs regular attention. Who wants to have beautiful, healthy skin from natural ingredients, focusing on every step in depth like this Don’t forget to give yourself some love through high-quality skincare from Oab’s. Watsons, branches that offer Oab’s and Watsons online only at one place.