Yi Ki formula for rich

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Yi Ki formula for rich

This formula divides the top three numbers and the bottom two numbers. That were drawn together. how to play yi ki get money every round and then bring. The numbers after the decimal point to three places. Bring three numbers from there as a guideline for lucky numbers, for example. The last round number 774 and 56, divide 774/56 = 13.8214286, Yi Ki formula. You can bet on 1, 4, 2. Take all three numbers as a combination of three, two, or try running all three. If the next round enters, it means that you are on the right track. But can play no matter where with UFABET

Yi Kee formula, 2nd formula, add the upper number

Remove the last number how to play yi ki get money every round. The top ten digit plus the top unit digit plus one  Yi Ki formula assumes 567, take 6+7+1 = 14. Then take the unit digit to run on top and bottom in the next round.

Yi Kee Formula 3 Formula for finding two outstanding numbers

  • Use the hundred digits of the three straight results of the Yi Ki formula and count them further by 2 to get 2 outstanding numbers.
    For example , the last drawn number is 898 56, so take 8 and count by 2 to get 9 – 0.
  • Add the top three digits to get the first digit to be the secondary number. how to play yi ki get money every round Then add the result by 3 again if there is a double digit result. Take the unit digit as the dominant number.
    For example, the last number issued 251 would be 2+5+1 = 8. The minor number is 8, add 3 to get 11, take 1 as the dominant result.
  • Use all five numbers that come out together. Then add the result to 3.
    For example , the output number is 251, 32, add together 2+5+1+3+2 to get 13, so the minor number is 3. Then add 3 to get 16, get 6 as outstanding number
  • Combine the bottom two numbers to find. The “minor number” and then add it to the 3 again to find the dominant number.
    For example , the last drawn number 23 according to the formula would be 2+3, 5 is the minor number. Then add another 3 to get 8. That is: The outstanding numbers we are looking for
  • Drill for numbers by taking the numbers from the previous 4 methods to calculate,
    for example , the outstanding numbers from all 3 formulas above are 8 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 8.
    The winning number sequence is as follows: 81 83 86 85 88 13 16 15 18 36 36 38 65 68 58
  • Take the number set from “Top row unit digit plus Bottom row digit number” and combine it with 8 and 9.
    For example , the number set 251 32 taken as 1+2+8 = 11, then 1+9 = 10 1 minor digit. Featured 0
  • Using the numbers “upper tenth digit” combined with “bottom tenth digit”, then add 5 and 6.
    For example , the resulting number is 251 32. You can calculate the number 5+3+5 = 13 and then add 3+6 = 9. Minor 3, Dominant 9