Techniques for betting on Sic Bo online

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Techniques for betting on Sic Bo online

In the past, playing traditional dice It will use three dice, 1 stake table, dice plate. And the lid of the rice casserole (or closed device) as a playback device but at present. This kind of game has been develop. Comes in the form of playing online. For the content in this article will not go into details on how to play Sic Bo. but will focus on techniques that you should know about playing dice How will the content be? Let’s go see. Absolutely unique because we are UFABET.

1. Setting a budget for playing Sic Bo

As with every gambling game is to know how to divide some money out for playing Sic Bo without affecting the daily expenses. The important thing that I would like to suggest is that you absolutely do not take your money to play.

It’s good to keep your goals high. But for gambling It’s better to keep your goals low. Ideally, the goal setting should be consistent with the available funds. For example, you have $1000 in your gambling capital. You should aim for only 10%, that means when you profit 100 baht, you stop playing immediately. If you have 100,000 baht, your goal is 10,000 baht.

Case studies in money management

For example, having a budget of 500 baht, if playing until the end of the 500 baht money, then you should stop playing immediately because if you continue to play may have lost more than before and in setting a budget to play each day What is indispensable is profit. If you have achieved the target profit Stop playing immediately. and keep the profit in this section Gambling can be profitable for us. We just need to know how to plan to play.

2. Look carefully at the rules of playing Sic Bo online.

The most important thing is to learn the rules. To the payout rate of each type of bet And some games. If we bring each style that has been mix together to play. It will give us a chance to win more easily.

After the dice game was carried to the casino. Including being developed into online dice It has developed more and more game rules modifications. If you want to play Sic Bo games for profit would have to study and learn clearly before that The dice game that we are going to play What are the rules format? What is different from the traditional Sic Bo gambling games?

3. Online Sic Bo formula

3.1 High-Lon-Line formula, high-low bet, high-low bet

To use this technique in play. All you have to do is wait for some time. Which must be observe in the statistics field. If there are results that come out in the same way for 2-3 consecutive eyes or more, you must prepare to bet. in consecutive exit options The likelihood of this exit going on and on is very high, But you may earn less money than other options. But if you want more confidence From the test of shaking the dice Using 3 dice, shake all dice 216 times.

  • Low: Has a record of 108 draws, representing a low percentage of 50%. All drawn points range from 3 to 10.
  • High : Has a record of 81 out of 216 exits with a lower percentage. There are shaking points from 12 to 18.

3.2 Online Hi-Lo betting formula, Tot bet

for this technique will be a little more difficult. Before placing a bet. You must first look at the statistics that have been issued. By having to observe the points in several eyes that were issue earlier. Which points are release the most? Which score is the next? It may take 1-2 eyes to observe and then immediately place bets on that number. Guarantee that you will get money back for sure. And it’s not free money as well.

3.3 Hi-Lo betting formula, 2 pairs of Tot bets

This technique is no different from the previous formula. It is to observe the statistics of the number of exits in the past 1-2 eyes, then choose the numbers that come out most often. And the numbers that are inferior, selecte 2 pairs, such as the numbers that are most frequently drawn, 3, 5 and 4, by choosing 3-5, 3-4, 5-4 bets. Will ensure that this formula will give you a large sum of money for sure.

3.4 Sic Bo Online Formula, Teng Teng

Continuing from the previous technique This formula is for observing the numbers that come out often. from many eyes as well You will need to observe the numbers that come out frequently, about 1-2 eyes for confidence. After seeing the numbers that come out often Only 1 or 2 numbers must be selecte. Then place your bets immediately. Guarantee the opportunity to earn almost a hundred percent.

3.5 Sic Bo betting formula, 4 pieces of money

This formula is suitable for investors. By dividing the money into 4 pieces, namely 100, 300, 200, 400, starting with 100 baht. But if it is bet 300 accordingly. When it is completed 2. Then go back to bet again with 200 if it is bet 400

If you lose from the first turn 100 baht. The next turn invest 300. If you lose again, try betting 200. If you win. You will get a return of 200. Then bet 400 baht. If you win. You will pay back 200. For this formula, it can be a bit tricky. and also spend a lot of money But I can assure you that, besides not being an easy loss, the opportunity to get your capital back is very fast.

3.6 Online Sic Bo formula, bet formula 5, leave 1

Must choose to bet 5 numbers from a total of 6 numbers. Cut off 1 number from the statistics that have The least chance of getting out If any one out will get 1 times profit, but if any one that is issue will get 2 times profit, may wait a bit to see the statistics and then place a bet again

It may not be a 100% winning formula, but it’s guaranteed to give you more chances to win. without you having to waste time not studying and also do not have to waste money to try out the formula

4. Know enough when it’s profitable.

It’s a very basic playing technique. in all gambling But it’s a very difficult thing to do. That’s because many people tend to be greedy. Hope for more money By forgetting that gambling. No one can win every game. When you start losing bets. You will start to bet more. For a quick refund and when you lose consciousness various game calculations. It will be more easily missed. And may immediately run out of the money you have earn.

5. Know when to stop or rest before resuming

quit playing Because no one has as much capital as you for sure. the beat you got no matter how much you get The dealer has no way out. But when you waste Your funds will surely run out. Therefore, you must know when to stop playing.