Klopp still lacks 3 Sr. to die before going south to cool the cherry

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference ahead of the Bournemouth meeting (March 11) that the three players were Luis Diaz, Thiago Alcanta. Ra and Joe Gomez have not practiced together in the group. So missed the Vitality Stadium cruise.

Diaz (knee), Thiago (hip) and Gomez (hamstring) can only get fit in the gym. Win back after the national team break. The rest of them are ready and ready to practice the attacking ufabet game. 

“All three are not ready for this weekend,” said Jurgen Klopp. 

“It is considered that the latest symptoms are at different stages, for example ‘Joey’ will return to group training early next week, Louis next week. After the international break, it is possible that they will both be available as options.

“As for Thiago, let’s wait and see. None of them have trained with the team yet. I want to see progress in the next 2-3 weeks from now. so I know more about it.” 

“Remaining people Just after the end of the last game, I didn’t hear that anyone else had died.” 

Asian handicap Liverpool per half-half -10, total three goals -5 , if they win, they will temporarily overtake Spurs in 4th place.