Klopp respects Bobby, bids farewell, hopes for a legendary finish

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed striker Roberto Firmino‘s end of season contract. But will not be quick to have a banquet event. Because there is still some time left. In the meantime, will join ufabet forces to push the target’s affiliation.

The news of the 31-carat star kicker has stated his intention to be a free agent after June since last week. But none of the parties confirmed the official until Klopp used a readiness statement before visiting Bournemouth to clarify. 

Roughly surprised But respect the selection of the merit pair. For the next three months, I will leave you professionally. 

“Yes, he came and told me, was he surprise? A little bit, but not so surprised that I fell off my chair. Honestly, it’s normal to feel that way.” 

“(His future) it could go 2 ways, and that guy chose to be one of his choices, which I respect the decision very much.” 

“It’s very normal for a long relationship. Between our club and ‘Bobby’, especially with players like him. It really hurt the feelings of the fans.” 

“It’s a pretty special thing. And I loved seeing what he got from the fans against Manchester United.”

“He told me that, there, this, then I remember in golden words – now I want to positively bring this amazing story to the team – things like that.”

“He’s full of the club. and most reliable The way everyone can imagine That’s all we need to know.” 

“It’s not the time to say goodbye or the time like that. Plenty of time to do at the end of the season.” 

“Whenever he comes back Everyone can sing Firmino’s signature song, which I’m sure will stick around for a very long time. 

“There is no problem if you come back as a competitive player. For the fans anyway, it’s nice to see him return to our stadium.” 

Firmino, who joined Liverpool from Hoffenheim in the summer of 2015 , won almost every trophy except the Europa League , forming the first phase of Klopp ‘s golden front three alongside Sadio Mane . and Mohamed Salah