Ex-wife exposes Tuchel ‘s off-field deficiencies due to Singh chasing

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Sissy, who is married to ex-Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel for more than 13 years. He is set to reveal details of the 49-year-old’s sacking from the Bridge via email sue in court.

Report from ‘Sport Build’ that from the case of going to court to file for divorce at the District Court of Munich May result in the image of the Deutsche coach even worse. 

Because an e-mail written by Sissy was brought. Explaining the story behind the ex-husband being bounce back in September. 2022 due to questionable off-field behavior and lost confidence from the team Despite leading the ufabet team to win the 2021 CHPL championship.

The details of the behavior described by e-mail itself. Because it may affect the career of the Deutsche consultant in the future 

Incidentally, not only the drama behind the house. But Chelsea’s performance at the beginning of the 2022-23 season is not as expected. In addition, there is a trend that Tuchel disagreed with the new owner, Todd Bohly. Who was the sporting director at the time. He had set up a new recruitment policy until it was completely chaotic. 

Despite the law protecting the spread of Tuchel’s emails. The German media believe that one of Deutsche’s extraverted acts was secretly having an affair with Brazilian model Natalie Max, although she was not officially divorced. 

Where is the personality that is difficult to reach and the erratic behavior of the person again?